Arnia is an Eastern European software development company providing technology services that make companies more profitable and productive. Arnia Software specializes in a variety of software technologies like web, mobile, database, Microsoft and open source.



The company did not have a well-defined marketing strategy.

We had to find new business opportunities related to a new technology (semantic web) the company is experienced with. However, being new, the technology had few users and was rather expensive for companies to implement.

Indirect competitors had to be approached in order to discuss the possibility of a partnership.

CUBRID, their in-house Database Management System, needed a strategic market analysis and intensive promotion.

XpressEngine, an in-house CMS solution being developed, needed well-defined market positioning.



NNC Services implemented lead generation and online communication activities:

Established customer profile

Developed prospects database through list building, B2B list development and lead generation activities

Cold calling and appointment setting

Reshaped the existing website content and collaborated with the client’s team in order to implement a new design

Elaborated market analysis for XpressEngine and CUBRID.

Inbound marketing actions for promoting CUBRID – social media, blogger outreach, community discussions, and press release.

Researched events for Arnia representatives to take part in. Arranged for presentations in some events.

Developed a set of marketing collaterals



Arnia started an ample partnership with a French company.

The team managed to generate a constant flow of quality business appointments.

Due to the joint effort of our teams, Arnia released a new website.

Provided an extensive market analysis and positioning suggestion for the in-house CMS solution.

As a result of content and social media marketing, traffic to the CUBRID website increased constantly.



The NNC team was very helpful in pointing us in the right direction as far as our target market goes.

Moreover, they helped us get a clear picture of what the market environment is for the products we are developing in-house. As a result, Arnia received some important business opportunities. NNC has proven itself as a trustworthy partner we can rely on for consulting, not just executing marketing actions. We plan to continue the lead generation actions, accompanied by communication activities in order to maintain a constant flow of projects.

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