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OSF Global Services is a dynamic IT Services & Consultancy provider established in 2003. The company, headquartered in Quebec, Canada, has 5 development centers in Romania and Ukraine. OSF Global Services is specialized in IT consulting, enterprise applications development and business process outsourcing for corporations in 17 countries.



OSF Global Services was acquiring new sales and business opportunities mainly from their network of contacts without actively pursuing these. While this worked up to a certain level of the initial business maturation, it did became a challenge once the business needed to expand it’s customer reach beyond referential opportunities to keep up the challenging trend of 100% increase in yearly turnover.

This meant developing new channels to sell and market within the constraints of lack of resources allocated on the marketing and sales functions, a need for fast-return on marketing and investment, while ensuring a quick project ramp-up and cost-effective alternatives.

OSF Global Services required further alignment of customer and market perception of the business with its current levels of maturity and service quality, to reflect the high value for money return on their solution offering.



Phase I: Strategic Objectives

  • To generate new non-referral business and channels to market
  • To increase yearly turnover at 100%
  • To coach the business and key stakeholders for market and sales development

Phase I-II: Marketing and Communications objectives

  • To position the company to its current quality and value offering
  • To develop a professional set of marketing and sales collateral
  • To acquire expert reputation and develop valuable network of business contacts

Phase II-III: Sales Leads Generation Objectives

  • To generate a consistent flow of appointments for the client to attend
  • To acquire 8 clear business opportunities for projects and business each month
  • To create a valuable database of targeted prospects and C-level decision makers
  • To coach client’s own sales personnel


NNC Services adopted a step-by-step ramp-up of OSF Global Services own marketing and sales function on 3 main phases:

  • Build company strategy
  • Operating company’s marketing and sales activities:
  • Align business environment perception to the company’s current value offering
  • Enable business and project opportunities through leads generation program
  • Build client’s own marketing and sales task force and engage on performance


A dedicated consultant with 10+ years of expertise in marketing and management of small-to-mid market outsourcing businesses teamed with the company’s CEO in intense coaching and strategy work sessions providing significant background to develop and validate a sustainable market approach, to roadmap clear action plan for achieving company objectives.

The NNC Services team managed the development and implementation of marketing and sales collateral to reflect the new company positioning and focus, as well as a plan for educating the market to the quality of the solutions and the core services it offered. From whitepapers, and easy to implement tools like total cost and ROI calculators and competitive comparisons to other service providers and offshore alternatives, the implementation was meant to cover creatively and widely business communities, C-level IT management and business decision makers.

The marketing calendar laid out with specific actions, activitiy roles, responsibilities and strategy was updated regularly, to ensure alignment with the dynamic market of offshore outsourcing services, to measure and update results for meeting specific goals.


Based on the strategy, our team had to build up in the second phase targeted communication and marketing activities to increase visibility in online business communities, to stimulate interaction and dialogue with prospective customers while also educating them.

The communication activities were very effective providing both the content for education as well as expert positioning for our customers with business and professional communities, media representatives and other key stakeholders, while also monetizing in clear business opportunities and outcomes.

Marketing and communication activities are high-value information and content that the NNC Services specialized team promotes on dedicated channels both online and offline returning about 10- 20% of project opportunities out of the whole pipeline of qualified leads. These are distinctive in the stream of leads towards the large business potential with key accounts.


The client required fully qualified conf-calls and appointments of real value, targeted and properly identified decision-makers who have a requirement for the OSF Global Services solutions and services.

A coherent in-depth customer profile and segmentation was matched against project priorities and strategic set of skills and specialization set together with our client. The varied mix of services – from classical list building, phone and contacting tactics, to innovative use of social web opportunities with business communities and professional groups or even modern technologies like webinar management – , we have put all our efforts and creativity to represent our client in the most professional way while gaining quality leads and clear business opportunities.



The client experienced a revenue growth from CAD 700,000 to of CAD 2,000,000 (in 1.5 years).

NNC Services built new streams of quality leads and generated a flow of quality appointments consisting in 8 new business opportunities/month.

Aggregated opportunities on different channels resulting in 4-5 times more project opportunities processed by our client compared to the period previous to our collaboration (eg. Increase in referral business, high return on focused PR actions etc).

The customer estimates for 2009 within the outcome of the marketing program to account for about 40% of the entire revenues of the company and the major stream of the sales development efforts. The customer is thus expected to keep their growth rate even in current economic downturn highly above market expected rates.

We have developed a new partnership framework: successfully generated a due-diligence appointment with one of the largest European system integrators. Due to the relationship built up with this prospect, our client was invited to tender for a contract with a potential to generate +500,000CAD subcontracting work. Our client was successful in developing the pilot project and was selected as main partner for development signing a long-term agreement.

Exceptional results on PR activity; eg. one business newspaper article generated 2 major project opportunities with sector-leading players; whitepapers are high-valued in professional communities, generating intense discussions in IT governance groups.

Business skills improvement of the employees in the company and a fast ramp-up of customer’s own efficient task force dedicated to sales and marketing.

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